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Образование Крыму » Химия » Hydrogenation methods - Rylander P. N.

Hydrogenation methods - Rylander P. N.

Название: Hydrogenation methods
Автор: Rylander P. N.
Категория: Химия
Тип: Книга
Дата: 14.10.2008 13:18:35
Скачано: 71
Описание: There is a vast and often bewildering array of synthetic methods and reagents available to organic chemists today. Many chemists have their own favoured methods, old and new, for standard transformations, and these can vary considerably from one laboratory to another. New and unfamiliar methods may well allow a particular synthetic step to be done more readily and in higher yield, but there is always some energy barrier associated with their use for the first time. Furthermore, the very wealth of possibilities creates an information retrieval problem: How can we choose between all the alternatives, and what are their real advantages and limitations? Where can we find the precise experimental details, so often taken for granted by the experts? There is therefore a constant demand for books on synthetic methods, especially the more practical ones like "Organic Syntheses," "Organic Reactions," and "Reagents for Organic Synthesis," which are found in most chemistry laboratories. We are convinced that there is a further need, still largely unfulfilled, for a uniform series of books, each dealing concisely with a particular topic from a practical point of view—a need, that is, for books full of preparations, practical hints, and detailed examples, all critically assessed, and giving just the information needed to smooth our way painlessly into the unfamiliar territory. Such books would obviously be a great help to research students as well as to established organic chemists. We have been very fortunate with the highly experienced and expert organic chemists who, agreeing with our objective, have written the first group of volumes in this series, "Best Synthetic Methods." We would always be pleased to receive comments from readers and suggestions for future volumes.
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