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Образование Крыму » Физика » The Quantum Theory of Fields - Weinberg S.

The Quantum Theory of Fields - Weinberg S.

Название: The Quantum Theory of Fields
Автор: Weinberg S.
Категория: Физика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 23.10.2008 15:30:50
Скачано: 102
Описание: After a historical introduction in Chapter 24, Chapters 25-27 present the essential machinery of supersymmetric field theories: the structure of the supersymmetry algebra and supersymmetry multiplets and the construction of supersymmetric Lagrangians in general, and in particular for theories of chiral and gauge superfields. Chapter 28 then uses this machinery to incorporate supersymmetry in the standard model of elec-troweak and strong interactions, and reviews experimental difficulties and opportunities. Chapters 29-32 deal with topics that are mathematically more advanced: non-perturbative results, supergraphs, supergravity, and supersymmetry in higher dimensions. I have made the treatment of supersymmetry here as clear and self-contained as I could. Wherever possible I take the reader through calculations, rather than just reporting results from the literature. Where calculations are too lengthy or complicated to be included in a book of this sort, especially in Chapter 28,1 have tried to present simpler versions that give the reader an idea of the physical issues involved. I have made a point of including topics here that have generally not been covered in earlier books, some because they are too new. These include: the use of holomorphy to study perturbative and non-perturbative radiative corrections; the calculation of central charges; gauge-mediated and anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking; the Witten index; duality; the Seiberg-Witten calculation of the effective Lagrangian in N = 2 supersymmetric gauge theories; supersymmetry breaking by modular fields; and a first look at the rapidly developing topic of supersymmetry in higher dimensions, including theories with p-branes. On the other hand, I have shortened the usual treatment of two topics that seemed to me to have been well covered in earlier books. One of these is the use of supergraphs. Many of the previous applications of the super-graph formalism in studying the general structure of radiative corrections can now be handled more easily by using the arguments of holomorphy described in Sections 27.6 and 29.3. The other is supergravity. In Sections 31.1-31.5 I have given a detailed and self-contained treatment of super-gravity in the weak-field limit, which makes it clear why the ingredients of supergravity theories — the graviton, gravitino, and auxiliary fields — are what they are, and which allows us to derive some of the most important results of supergravity theory, including the formula for the gravitino mass and for the gaugino masses produced by anomaly-mediated super-symmetry breaking. In Section 31.6 I have outlined the calculations that generalize supergravity theory to gravitational fields of arbitrary strength, but these calculations are so lengthy and unlovely that I was content to quote other sources for the results. However, in Section 31.7 I have given a fuller than usual treatment of gravitationally mediated supersymmetry breaking.
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