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Образование Крыму » Биология » Biocosmology - Chris C/ King

Biocosmology - Chris C/ King

Название: Biocosmology
Автор: Chris C/ King
Категория: Биология
Тип: Книга
Дата: 22.02.2009 12:02:38
Скачано: 52
Описание: The thesis of this paper is that biological structures such as tissues, and organisms are cosmological structures, culminating the interactive phase of symmetry-breaking, as fundamental as stars and galaxies to the cosmic design. This process is described in detail in this paper as a fundamental manifestation of non-linear quantum science, elaborating the fractal nature of fundamental force interaction, inevitable from the twisted nature of the forces as they have emerged in our universe. Although life seems a fragile insignificance among the immensity of cosmic energies, its tiny entropy-reducing photosynthetic energy budget and fragile chemical bonds seeming insignificant on the cosmic scale, it is nevertheless the interactive consummation of all the forces of nature acting together in sequence. Biological evolution is a stochastic* process combining random mutation and selective advantage, many of whose manifestations are opportunistic, but others the inevitable result of selective forces and environmental bifurcations. Although biological structures are genetically coded in a vast variety of ways by specific nucleic acid sequences, many features of life as we know it on Earth are the product of selective factors which lead inevitably to specific traits. These naturally include the cosmic factors determining the nonlinear laws of nature which make life possible. Traditional chemistry, despite its quantum foundations, treats molecules as arbitrary building blocks, which can be arranged in almost any combination using suitable reagents and conditions. However this view is incorrect under dynamical feedback. The origin of life is dependent on dynamical processes of free interaction, not forced reactions and involves fundamental interactive quantum bifurcations and feedback effects characteristic of nonlinear dynamical systems. There is now clear evidence for the optimality of many prebiotic and biological molecules, giving life as we know it a cosmological basis as a culminating interactive structure.
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