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Образование Крыму » Информатика. Компьютеры » Algorithms - Wegstein J. H.

Algorithms - Wegstein J. H.

Название: Algorithms
Автор: Wegstein J. H.
Категория: Информатика. Компьютеры
Тип: Книга
Дата: 22.02.2009 12:43:36
Скачано: 55
Описание: Contributions to this department must be in the form stated in the Algorithms Department policy statement (Communications, February, 1960) except that ALGOL 60 notation should be used (see Communications, May 1960). Contributions should be sent in duplicate to J. H. Wegstein, Computation Laboratory, National Bureau of Standards, Washington 25, D. C. Algorithms should be in the Reference form of ALGOL 60 and written in a style patterned after the most recent algorithms appearing in this department. For the convenience of the printer, please underline words that are delimiters to appear in boldface type. Although each algorithm has been tested by its contributor, no warranty, express or implied, is made by the contributor, the editor, or the Association for Computing Machinery as to the accuracy and functioning of the algorithm and related algorithm material, and no responsibility is assumed by the contributor, the editor, or the Association for Computing Machinery in connection therewith. The reproduction of algorithms appearing in this department is explicitly permitted without any charge. When reproduction is for publication purposes, reference must be made to the algorithm author and to the Communications issue bearing the algorithm.
Файл: 228.0 КБ