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Professional Programmers Guide to FORTRAN 77 - C.G. Page

Название: Professional Programmers Guide to FORTRAN 77
Автор: C.G. Page
Категория: Информатика. Компьютеры
Тип: Книга
Дата: 23.02.2009 11:06:31
Скачано: 77
Описание: This file contains the text of Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran!! published by Pitman in 1988. Since the book has now gone out of print, it seemed reasonable to make the text available free of charge over the Internet. The ISO Standard for Fortran77 is, of course, now obsolete, since Fortran90 has replaced it. Until compilers for the latter become more widely available, however, many programmers are still using Fortran77. I am retaining all rights to this text, except that it may be copied and reproduced without fee, as long as attribution to the author is preserved. This file is written in lATgXand is called prof77.tex: it is substantially the same as the published version but the opportunity has been taken to correct a few mistakes and make some minor updates. The book was intentionally kept as short as possible so it could be sold at a modest price. Even so it covers the entire Fortran77 language as defined in the ANSI and ISO Standards including several topics which are often omitted from much larger textbooks because they are deemed to be too "advanced". In order to encourage the writing of clear, reliable, portable, robust, and well structured code, short sections appear throughout the book offering specific guidance on the practical use of Fortran. Obsolete or superfluous features of the language, mainly those which have been retained for compatibility with earlier versions of Fortran, are omitted from the main text but are covered in the section 13. This is provided solely for the assistance of those who have to cope with existing poorly-written programs or ones which pre-date the Fortran77 standard.
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