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Manning - Windows Forms Programming With CSharp

Название: Manning - Windows Forms Programming With CSharp
Автор: неизвестен
Категория: Программирование
Тип: Книга
Дата: 05.04.2009 22:28:15
Скачано: 70
Описание: In early 2001 I began using Microsoft’s .NET Framework for a project I was working on with a small startup company. Unfortunately, the winds changed and I found myself with more free time than I would normally hope for. So when Manning Publications asked me if I would contribute to a book on programming with the .NET Framework, I welcomed the idea. As events unfolded, I found myself with some fairly strong opinions about how such a book should be organized, and offered up a proposal to write a solo book on programming Windows Forms applications. I have always enjoyed the book Programming Windows 95 with MFC by Jeff Prosise, so a book about developing Windowsbased applications with the .NET Framework seemed like an obvious subject. The core idea behind my proposal was to build a single application over the course of the book. The application would evolve to introduce each topic, so that by the end of the manuscript readers would have a robust application they had built from scratch. Manning Publications seemed to like the idea as well, and thus I suddenly found myself writing this book. In approaching the task, I set out to achieve two objectives. The first was to provide ample coverage of most of the classes in the namespace. I have been frustrated by many books that do not provide robust examples for a topic. So I try to provide detailed examples that demonstrate how Windows Forms classes can be used and manipulated in real applications. A second objective was to present advanced user interface topics such as tree views and drag and drop. While the book spends a good deal of time on fundamental classes, such as menus and buttons, more than a cursory glance is given to some of the more complex controls available for Windows-based programming. The result of my proposal, these objectives, and a number of late nights is the book you see before you. I take a tutorial approach to application development by creating a common application throughout the book, and provide summaries of relevant classes and other topics that might be of further interest. Hopefully, this approach provides enough detail to demonstrate how Windows-based applications are put together with the .NET Framework, and yet offers additional information that should prove helpful as you develop and expand your own .NET projects.
Файл: 9.80 МБ